builds, building, built
1) VERB If you build something, you make it by joining things together.

[V n] Developers are now proposing to build a hotel on the site...

[V n] The house was built in the early 19th century...

[V n] Workers at the plant build the F-16 jet fighter.

Derived words:
building N-UNCOUNT

In Japan, the building of Kansai airport continues.

built ADJ adv ADJ, ADJ for n, ADJ to-inf

Even newly built houses can need repairs...

It's a product built for safety.

...structures that are built to last.

2) VERB If you build something into a wall or object, you make it in such a way that it is in the wall or object, or is part of it.

[be V-ed into n] If the TV was built into the ceiling, you could lie there while watching your favourite programme.

3) VERB If people build an organization, a society, or a relationship, they gradually form it.

[V n] He and a partner set up on their own and built a successful fashion company...

[V n] Their purpose is to build a fair society and a strong economy...

[V n] I wanted to build a relationship with my team.

Derived words:
building N-UNCOUNT usu the N of n

...the building of the great civilisations of the ancient world.

4) VERB If you build an organization, system, or product on something, you base it on it.

[V n prep] We will then have a firmer foundation of fact on which to build theories...

[V n prep] The town's nineteenth-century prosperity was built on steel.

5) VERB If you build something into a policy, system, or product, you make it part of it.

[V n into n] We have to build computers into the school curriculum...

[V n into n] How much delay should we build into the plan?

6) V-ERG To build someone's confidence or trust means to increase it gradually.

[V n] The encouragement that young boys receive builds a greater self-confidence...

[V n] Diplomats hope the meetings will build mutual trust...

Usually when we're six months or so into a recovery, confidence begins to build.

Build up means the same as build.

V P n (not pron) The delegations had begun to build up some trust in one another... Also V P to n V P We will start to see the confidence in the housing market building up again.

7) VERB If you build on the success of something, you take advantage of this success in order to make further progress.

[V on/upon n] Build on the qualities you are satisfied with and work to change those you are unhappy with...

[V on/upon n] The new regime has no successful economic reforms on which to build.

8) VERB If pressure, speed, sound, or excitement builds, it gradually becomes greater.

Pressure built yesterday for postponement of the ceremony...

[V to/into n] The last chords of the suite build to a crescendo.

Build up means the same as build.

V P n (not pron) We can build up the speed gradually and safely... Also V P to n V P Economists warn that enormous pressures could build up, forcing people to emigrate westwards.

9) N-VAR Someone's build is the shape that their bones and muscles give to their body.

He's described as around thirty years old, six feet tall and of medium build...

The authority of his voice is undermined by the smallness of his build.

10) See also , built
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